Foa is well-known for its superb beaches at the nothern tip of the island, which are widely regarded as the best in Tonga. You can enjoy great swimming and snorkeling right off the beach at all tides. Savour the untouched beauty of Polynesia.


Strand von Tonga


South of Foa, connected by a causeway, is the island of Lifuka. Pangai, the capital of the Ha'apai group with a population of around 3000 is located on Lifuka, as is the local airport named after Princess Salote Pilulevu. This is where we will pick you up to take you on the resort.



Das Schiff die Bounty

Ha’apai: a region with a rich history

On 28 April 1789, a huge British Royal Navy ship dropped anchor right between the volcanic islands of Kao and Tofua, both of which can be seen from Sandy Beach Resort on clear days. The ship was the HMS Bounty and this is where the mutiny led by Christian Fletcher against his captain William Bligh took place.


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